1000 WORDS

A blog about photography


Foreword to all my non-Catalan or Spanish speaking friends:

This will be an English resume of my blog texts. Please by kind with me about my grammar skills, and never doubt in suggesting any correction for the mistakes you may find.


Years ago, someone asked me to write a blog. I didn’t see who could be interested about my thoughts.

Those who know me well know that I’m not usually paying attention about what others do. Always, when possible, I’ve been following my own personal direction, and I think now is the moment. Some of my friends call me “classic”. I don’t now if that’s right, but is a term that I liked.

In all those years, I’ve been writing more than I could have imagined. I think that has given me some skills – I apologize to those who really know how to write – on this.

And my experience as a professional photographer, author and photography instructor gave me a privileged point of view when I think about why I do things the way I do them.

I will always expose a personal point of view, always arguable and just pretending to make readers think about why they do things the way they do them.

The essence: “How” is always more important than “What”, in most things in life.

I will talk about my way to understand photography, about the actual problems of most professional photographers, about the trivialization of photography… things that I’ve been learning during all those years working on this great thing that freezes time.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but nobody says what happens when we have a thousand and one words.

Just in case, the original text of this blog will never have more than a thousand words: I want to assure the value of a picture.

Welcome and apologies for daring!